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Hello everyone, if you are seeing this then you have opened an account at our new website: harmonylogic.com. Thanks for visiting. Our new website is deployed using a very advanced content management system known as drupal. We began developing drupal with back in 2008 and we have fallen in love with this awesome piece of FREE software. We have already begun converting some of our customers over to this new technology, which allows you to edit your own site with no html knowledge required. We are still in the process of adding content so please come back soon!

Pick Internet is now HarmonyLogic

(originally posted 9/1/8)

Our name change reflects our passion to provide our customers with a range of web applications which are designed to work together. By using sophisticated and secure data sharing techniques, we are able to make your web applications work together. It is our goal to make your webhosting experience a fruitful one, by providing you with wide a range of options to fit your business needs. In the coming months look for our release of several new web applications aimed squarely at making you more productive and your business more profitable.

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